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Slade puts his pistol away, commending Moira’s courage — a quality her son lacks, he taunts, as he then pivots and drives a sword through Moira’s chest.

After he withdraws the blade, she collapses to the ground (yet still, ), leaving Thea in tears and Oliver utterly shell-shocked at what transpired. Just moments prior, Oliver vowed to kill Slade if he took a family member’s life — will he be able to make good on that threat before season’s end?

Upon regaining consciousness, they are out in the woods, tied up, held at gunpoint by Slade, who then recreates the Sophie’s Choice Oliver previously faced back on the island. RELATED | May Sweeps Scorecard 2014: Deaths, Weddings, Births, Sex, Resurrections, Firings and More!

Oliver barely has a moment to grapple with the situation before his mother rises to her feet, acknowledging to their captor, “There’s only one way this night ends,” offering her life to save Thea’s.

Later, we’ll talk more about this specialist and how the flashbacks isn’t consistently the best at finding a core theme to center their A-B-C plots around, but for tonight’s hour, “torture” seems to be the name of the game.

It comes in a variety of flavors: physical, psychological, and emotional.

Well apparently his last test to pass was a simple question of loyalty.

Complicating the formation of this new team had been the arrival of ruthless and violent drug lord Tobias Church, who was plagued in turn by the shadowy antagonist known only as Prometheus.

‘s best effort of the season so far, let’s take a look at the much-maligned flashbacks.

Unfortunately, not everyone is thrilled with Oliver’s inclusion, and a fellow member named Viktor takes his animosity so far as to hire goons to kill Oliver during the celebration.

However, it appears that Anatoly has been planning for this and has hired his own specialist to make sure Oliver stays alive so that they can take Viktor down another day.


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