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He gained prominence for his fight against illegal distilleries, bootleggers, gambling establishments, and corruption in the county. The MCN is located at 252 Mulberry Avenue in Selmer. Census Bureau, the county has a total area of 564 square miles (1,460 km The major highways U. Mc Nairy County's position on Route 64 places it on the historic Lee Highway, which stretches from New York to San Francisco.

His story has been made famous in the Walking Tall series of movies starring Joe Don Baker, Bo Svenson and Brian Dennehy, and in numerous documentaries and books. The paper has an online presence at and a Facebook page, as well as a weekly printed publication each Thursday. State Highways 22 and 57 also pass through the county.

SR 22 along the eastern portion intersecting with US 64 in Adamsville, and SR 57 through the southern portion intersecting with US 45 in Eastview.

There were 11,219 housing units at an average density of 20 per square mile (8/kmĀ²).

The racial makeup of the county was 92.22% White, 6.23% Black or African American, 0.20% Native American, 0.13% Asian, 0.24% from other races, and 0.98% from two or more races.


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