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But there was no discussion about specifics, and it would qualify as a major surprise if she does end up on a fight card anytime soon.

"It becomes your oasis, your escape.” When asked which celebrities are fans of Unbreakable, Glazer revealed, "At any one point you'll have a huge mega-star — The Rock comes in here, he'll come around and he'll spot you.She would likely be relegated to a small promotion against an opponent with a similar level of experience, and she's already worth an estimated million, per Celebrity Net Worth.Getting to work alongside UFC fighters such as former heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell at Glazer's gym would be an invaluable resource if she's serious.After the Seahawks cut Boyer in training camp, the 34-year-old was considering another tour of duty, which is why Glazer convinced his friend to move in with him.And while those two were living together, Boyer was on the phone helping a former Special Forces teammate who was struggling to adjust to civilian life, while Glazer was having a similar conversation with the wife of a former NFL player whose husband was struggling to adjust to life after football. Two, don’t look at it like you’re different in a bad way, look at it like, ‘Yeah, I’m different, that’s what causes success.” Being different is what leads to success. Three, we’re giving them a team again, and we’re giving them a team where they’re beholden to each other."She's definitely one of our fighters without a doubt."TMZ Sports highlighted one of her training sessions: Although making the jump to MMA may seem like a long shot for somebody with an established, successful music career, she posted a message on Twitter last week suggesting it's time for her to pursue other interests in 2017: reported Lovato has been romantically linked to UFC fighter Luke Rockhold, who owns a 15-3 MMA record and counts holding the UFC Middleweight Championship among his career accomplishments.


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